User-built trails to be removed from Slide Mountain at the North Fork Nooksack - March 29th, 2012

posted Mar 29, 2012, 10:23 PM by Luke Hizer
Bad news for riders in Whatcom County: the Evergreen MTB Alliance reports that all user-built trails in the area will be 'decommissioned' and DNR will be handing out tickets. From Evergreen:

Beginning on April 2nd the Washington State Department of Resources (DNR) will be decommissioning all user-built bike trails on Slide Mountain at the North Fork Nooksack in Whatcom County.
The work, estimated to cost $23,000, will begin on April 2nd and will be done by the DNR and a crew from Washington Conservation Corps. Work includes closure signage, removal of larger structures, blocking and revegetating trail entrances, and a gate to block all motorized access to Slide Mountain.
Starting April 7th, DNR law enforcement will be patrolling the area and riders found on the trails will receive a $120 ticket the first time, and be subject to arrest for trespassing the second time.

For the complete details, and how you can voice your opinion, see the full description from Evergreen.