Update: New Application Process and Dates for the Enchantment Area Permit Reservation System

posted Jan 31, 2011, 3:22 PM by Luke Hizer

Spoke to soon on the Enchantments Permits, it looks like February 28th is the new start:

New Application Process and Dates for the Enchantment Area Permit Reservation System
Summer 2011

New application submission dates of February 28 - March 20

 Big changes are coming! To help streamline the permit application process and provide for a more timely response to applicants, we are working with the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) to put the Enchantment Permit Area reservation system on the internet. For 2011, applying for a permit reservation will require going to www.recreation.gov and clicking on the "Permits" tab near the center top of the home page screen, then applying through a series of simple menus.

The Recreation.Gov website will accept applications from February 28 through March 20.  After March 20 a lottery will be run of all applications accepted up until that point, and applicants will receive notification whether or not they are successful.  The website will also provide a way to issue permits later in the year as cancellations occur.

Those trying for an Enchantment Area permit for the summer of 2011 will need to apply through the website, or through a call center which will be provided by NRRS.   The new system is not yet operational on the website, but in the meantime, if you are planning to apply for a permit in the coming year you can go to  www.recreation.gov  and set up a profile.   

The old permit application forms will no longer be used and forms mailed to the Wenatchee River Ranger Station will not be accepted.  We will still do day of entry permits here at the Ranger Station, but all advanced reservations will now be done through the new web-based system.

The full permit information page is here.