Seattle-area biking and hiking updates - November 11, 2013

posted Nov 10, 2013, 10:45 PM by Luke Hizer
A few notes from around the area:
  • The snow level on Mt St Helens is around 4,000 ft. FR 830 and Climber's Bivouac are open. As of November 1, climbing permits are not required again till April 1, 2014, but you will needs a Northwest Forest Pass
  • East Tiger Mountain trails shutdown tomorrow for the season. From Evergreen:

    The rains are back, and while we’ve had a lot of nice days, the water table on the mountain is full and the trails are about to get seriously muddy. In order to protect the trail tread, DNR closes the E. Tiger trails to all uses each fall – usually on October 15th, but the date is dependent on trail conditions. This year we’ve had almost an extra month to ride thanks to DNR and Mother Nature.

    More information
    here from DNR.