Rainier melting out - July 26, 2012

posted Jul 26, 2012, 11:09 PM by Luke Hizer
There's a note on Mt Rainier's trail conditions page that most of the trails are snow-free:

July 26, 2012: Melt-out has been slowed by cooler than usual tempertaures this spring/early summer. Trails have finally started to melt-out to the point there are only a few areas of concern. However, route-finding is needed in a few places on trails in the park and unseen hazards may be lurking under-foot when traveling on snow. Always check with Park Rangers for trail conditions before heading out into the backcountry.

At Paradise:

Trails are starting to melt out in the Paradise area. Flowers are blooming as the snow peels back.

The Wonderland Trail is 90% snow-free and the Comet Falls Trail is blocked for the foreseeable future.