Proposed Mt Rainier climbing fee increases

posted Nov 12, 2010, 5:46 PM by Luke Hizer
The Mount Rainier Climbing blog highlightsnews release from the Parks Service, outlining why they need an increase in climbing fees. I think they make a compelling case, as $30 a climber seems low by today's standards. The important info:

Mount Rainier is proposing an increase in the annual pass fee to between $43 and $58, with yearly adjustments thereafter determined by changes in the Consumer Price Index or other methodology.  A cost recovery fee in the $43 range would reestablish essential public safety, education, information, and resource protection services and programs.  A cost recovery fee in the $58 range would support new or improved services for the climbing public. Public input is sought to assist the National Park Service in formulating a climbing pass fee that is fair and equitable, supports unique services for climbers, and sustains a world-class climbing experience on Mount Rainier.  

The full post is here.