Olympic National Park Updates - July 5th, 2011

posted Jul 5, 2011, 4:08 PM by Luke Hizer
As the late snow melts off, there's more condition reports from the Olympics. Here are the highlights:
  • The Elwah Dam is off-limits now, as site preparation for the removal project gets underway.
  • The construction on Olympic Hot Springs is over for now, Altair and Elwah campgrounds are back open, leaving Deer Park as the only closed, developed campground. Full campground descriptions and status are here.
  • Don't get to used to driving on Olympic Hot Springs Rd, because it will close for a long time on August 1st due to the Glines Canyon Dam Removal Project. As a result, no more access to the West Lake Mills, Happy Lake Ridge and Boulder Creek (no access to Appleton Pass unless you come in through Sol Duc) trailheads. The full road conditions are here, only Whiskey Bend (landslide) and Deer Park (snow) and Obstruction Point (snow) are still closed.
  • Southeast (Staircase, Dosewallips) Trail Conditions: the North Fork Skokomish is clear to Nine Stream; the Flapjack Lakes Trail has patchy snow at 3400ft and 2 campsites melted out at Donahue Creek Camp, snow around 4400ft in the Dosewallips area.
  • Northeast (Hurricane Ridge, Elwah) Trail Conditions: the Royal Basin Trail sounds like a mess, with many downed trees, avalanche debris, and snow at 4400 ft; other trails show patchy snow starting at the 4000-4500ft level; if you venture to the Boulder Creek Campground, there's apparently a bear feeding on a deer carcass, so maybe not the best place to hang out. 
  • Northwest (Lake Crescent, Sol Duc, Hoh) Trail Conditions: no new reports around Lake Crescent; Sol Duc snow levels appear to be around 3500ft and the river crossing requires extreme caution. There's still a lot of bear activity on the Hoh River Trail.
  • There are not a lot of reports for the other areas, you can find the entire conditions page on the National Park's site.