Olympic National Park Trail Updates - July 27th, 2010

posted Jul 27, 2010, 9:54 PM by Luke Hizer   [ updated Jul 27, 2010, 10:09 PM ]
Highlights from the past couple weeks:


Upper Lena Lake still under snow.
Smith Lake melted out, snow around 4,600'
Duckabush River Trail is clear of trees to Tenmile.


Detailed report for Constance Pass Trail - Patchy snow begins at 5400'. 4-6' of continuous snow persist at Sunnybrook Meadows with all campsites snow-covered. 6-8' remains above to Del Monte Ridge; route-finding required and ice axe recommended. Ridgetop/rock shelter area is snow-free; continuous 6-8' of snow begins again just below ridge; continuous down to Home Lake. Home Lake remains 50% frozen-over; 4-6' of patchy snow remains, 2 campsites are snow-free. Only patchy snow remains in the avalanche chutes below Warrior Peak. Eleven down trees from Dosewallips to Constance Pass; 16 down trees on north side of pass to boundary.

Gray Wolf Pass just about clear.

Hurricane Ridge

Most trails appear to be melted out.


Elwha River Trail is clear and snow-free.

2-3' of snow at Dodger Point.

Boulder Lake Trail is snow-free.

Sol Duc

Sol Duc River Trail - Trail is clear of down trees to Sevenmile Camp. Trail and all campsites are snow-free. The bridge over Lower Bridge Creek between Sevenmile and Sol Duc Park is out; exercise caution when fording!  Fords are currently running very high in the afternoon. Fords can be dangerous during or after a high precipitation event, or during spring snowmelt.


Hoh River Trail - Trail has been cleared of down trees to Blue Glacier Lateral Moraine. Glacier Meadows is 90% snow-free. High bear activity in the area around Glacier Meadows; proper food storage is essential. Use extreme caution in the avalanche chute area - hazardous snow bridges still exist. Use rope ladder assists--do not cross snow bridges. SAFE TRAIL MARKED BY FLAGGING.

Rest of the report is here.