Olympic National Park Conditions; Whiskey Bend Road Closed - April 4, 2011

posted Apr 4, 2011, 4:39 PM by Luke Hizer
Been awhile since I've checked what's going on in the Olympics; from the conditions page, it looks like the Whiskey Bend Road has been closed by a slide, you now must park Elwah Ranger Station and walk or ride the 4.5 miles up to the trailhead:

Whiskey Bend Road Closure

And the word from the Park:

Whiskey Bend Road is closed to ALL VEHICLE TRAFFIC. It remains open to pedestrians, bicyclists and stock users. Use inside road shoulder in the vicinity of the slide. Parking is available at the Elwha-Hurricane Hill Trailhead and the Elwha Ranger Station. It is 4.5 miles from the ranger station to the Whiskey Bend Trailhead. Hikers traveling north from Quinault may still exit via the Whiskey Bend Trailhead and road.

Along with an early reminder that the Olympic Hot Springs Road will be closed after August 1, 2011:

Olympic Hot Springs Road will close August 1, 2011 to ALL PUBLIC ACCESSbeyond the Altair Campground for the Glines Canyon Dam Removal Project. The West Lake Mills, Happy Lake Ridge and Boulder Creek Trailheads will be inaccessible. Happy Lake Ridge and Olympic Hot Springs areas will remain accessible via Appleton Pass and/or Aurora Ridge.

Checking the road conditions page, the following roads are closed for now:
  • Dosewallips Road - also by washout
  • Deer Park Road - closed for the season
  • Obstruction Point Road -closed for the season
  • Hurricane Hill Road - closed for the season
All other roads are open or at least partially open.