Mt Rainier Updates - June 21st, 2011

posted Jun 21, 2011, 9:45 PM by Luke Hizer
Notes and news from Mt Rainier National Park:
  • For climbers, the Mt Rainier Conditions Blog has several route updates in the past few weeks; their general climbing info blog is here.
  • There are more trail conditions/backcountry reports this week, but most of the park is still under snow.
    • In the Carbon River area, the Green Lake Trail is snow-free, and the first two miles of the Northern Loop are snow-free. Not a lot of activity on this side of the park yet, given the accessibility issues.
    • In the Longmire area, the Kautz Creek Trail is now 50% snow-free. Rampart Ridge is clear part of the way, with well-packed snow. It's possible to reach the junction with the Wonderland. 
    • Paradise is under a lot of snow and will be for a while. The Mountain Cam can show you why.
    • Sunrise, same story: everything under snow.
    • The Wonderland is melting out a bit, but mostly covered for now.
    • The full conditions report is available here.