Mt Adams Climbing Conditions - July 2, 2011

posted Jul 2, 2011, 3:03 AM by Luke Hizer
If you're climbing Mt Adams, keep an eye on your route. The Forest Service added this note to the climbing report:

CAUTION: Many climbers are loosing their way while descending the mountain- ending up in the Morrison Creek drainage to the west of the route. Please remember that coming down looks very different than climbing up.  Pay particular attention to your map and compass or GPS as you descend into the trees.  Do not rely on others tracks to lead you to the trailhead.  Aim for the Junction of S. Climb Trail 183 and Round the Mountain Trail 9 to find your way down (gps coordinates 46 08 48.3 N and 121 29 26.5 W).

The full climbing report can be found here.