Mt Adams and Mt Hood climbing reports - May 19, 2012

posted May 19, 2012, 5:43 PM by Luke Hizer
More climbing reports are available, the first from Mt Adams:

It is Winter Conditions on the mountain right now note that weather can change rapidly for the worst in the mountains despite forecasts.  Do not climb in hazardous conditions!  Help is a very long time coming and cannot get to you in poor weather.  Currently there is around 7-9 ft of snow at the Cold Springs parking lot.  Snow pack is solid around 4000 ft.  It is about 5 1/2  mile hike to the trailhead.  Climbers are ascending the winter route via the Suksdorf Ridge. 


The 8040 road to the South Climb Trailhead is blocked by snow about 1 1/2 miles past Wicky Creek Shelter; 5 1/2 miles from the trailhead.  Park in a way as to not block traffic.  Please remember to drive slowly and caustiously this road is very narrow and curvy.  Climbers can also use the Pineside or Sno-King snow parks for parking.

The 23 road is closed between Randle and Trout Lake due to snow.

Full report is here.

And from the Mt Hood Climbing Report:

Spring climbing season has arrived and weather and snow conditions can change in a matter of hours.  Due to increased sun and warming, rock and ice fall are present.  It is early spring still and the mountain is still receiving new snow.  Any new snow accumulation increases the avalanche hazard.

See the climbing report page for more details.