Mercer Bike Lane opened May 1st

posted May 7, 2015, 1:10 PM by Luke Hizer
The new bike lane along Mercer under 99 has officially opened; see this earlier post for some background. Note that the small section along southbound 5th is still not open.

From the SDOT email I received:

Mercer Corridor Project: Bicycle path on Mercer St. opens May 1 for Bike to Work Month

SDOT announces the opening of the two-way bicycle path on the north side of Mercer St. between Dexter Ave. N and 5th Ave. N Friday, May 1. The pathway will be open and available for cyclists to use for the month of May and will close again for up to two weeks in June to accommodate work under the SR 99 Bridge. 

Bicycle route details and reminders
  • The bicycle pathway on the west side of 5th Ave. N will remain closed. Southbound cyclists on 5th Ave. N may ride in the roadway or use the sidewalk.
  • Northbound cyclists on 5th Ave. N may cross 5th Ave. N on the north side of Mercer St. to continue north on the 5th Ave. N bike lane or east on the new Mercer bike path.
  • Northbound cyclists on Dexter Ave. N are required to merge with vehicular traffic when approaching Mercer St.
  • Bicycle signal heads will not be activated at this time.
  • Cyclists are reminded to yield to pedestrians at intersections and observe pedestrian signals when crossing streets.
  • For more information about SDOT’s bicycle rules, please visit: