Mailbox Peak Trail, Middle Fork Rd to be improved starting next month - May 22, 2012

posted May 22, 2012, 8:59 PM by Luke Hizer
Everyone likes hiking (but not parking) at Mailbox Peak, but the trail is unclear and hard to follow, leading to sections that are more free-for-all than trail. That's why it's exciting to hear from the Mountains-to-Sound Greenway Trust that the trail is going to be improved:

A new and improved trail to the summit of Mailbox Peak starts construction this June. A brand new trailhead and parking lot will be constructed to support what will undoubtedly be a significant increase in usage paralleling that of the ever-popular Mt. Si trail that sees thousands of hikers per year.

No indication yet on how long it will be under construction. But not only that, the bumpy nightmare that is Middle Fork Road will also be upgraded, including pavement (!) in some sections. From the post:

In addition to the new trail and trailhead at Mailbox Peak, improvements to the infamously bumpy Middle Fork road, including paving, will begin this summer.