Fly with Bikes? It's now cheap on Frontier

posted Apr 16, 2011, 10:28 AM by Luke Hizer
Cyclelicious points out Frontier's new bike friendly policy; if you fly with your bike you can save a good deal relative to other airlines. From Frontier's press release:

Frontier is removing the flat fee for checked bicycles and will now include them in the standard baggage allowance, meaning customers traveling on Classis or Classic Plus fares can include their bike as one of their two complimentary checked bags and Economy passengers would pay $20 if the bike is one of their first two checked bags. Bikes will be exempt from any oversize fees, but subject to overweight fees and excess bag fees, if applicable. This is similar to the carrier’s current policy for golf clubs and skis.

Checking Alaska Airlines for example, they do charge oversize fees for bicycles, but I don't know where a boxed bike would fall on their oversize fee chart:

Checked Bag DimensionsAdditional
Fee per Bag
Up to 62 in.No Additional Fee
63-80 in.$50 (USD) one way
81-115 in.$75 (USD) one way

This one from Nashbar is just over 90 in, so it looks like this deal would save you $75 when flying with your bike on Frontier, everything else being equal.