Delayed opening for Forest Roads near Mt St Helens

posted Apr 2, 2015, 4:53 PM by Luke Hizer
Forest Roads 25, 26, and 99 provide access to several key areas just east of Mt St Helens. Due to the light winter, they were due to open April 1st, but the need to clear rockslides will keep them closed till mid-May. That's still a lot earlier than their normal June/July opening dates.

A summary is below, the full release is here.

1. Forest Road 25 is the main north-south route that runs to the east of the mountain.  It connects Randal to Cougar, allowing you to reach the mountain without taking I-5.  See this map from the National Park to see the route. It's currently closed between 99, mid-way, and 93, at the southern end.

2. Forest Road 26 is a rougher gravel road that runs parallel to 25 from near Randall to 99.  It's closed about 13 miles in until the mid-May opening.  It's not shown on the map linked above.

Forest Road 99 runs from 25 to the best views of the blast zone and the start of several trails. It's closed right at till the opening. It's shown on the pdf map.

Full conditions are available here.