Biking updates - July 12, 2012

posted Jul 12, 2012, 7:48 PM by Luke Hizer
A few pieces of news from around the area:
  • The Queen Anne bike lane on Taylor was repainted; it's actually visible now.
  • The West Thomas Overpass opening has been delayed (again). Now it's scheduled for late August or early September. On the plus side, during the delay, they will work on re-opening the closed approach path on the Elliot Bay Trail.
  • There will be a special meeting of the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board on the 17th devoted entirely to the Bicycle Master Plan. From the announcement:
As with all SBAB meetings, this meeting is open to all.  Please note however that it will not be held in the typical Boards & Commissions room; instead it will take place in City Hall room 370.  Meeting start time will be 6:00 as usual. The agenda is as follows:
  • Recommendations on updates to the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) vision/goals/objectives
  • An outline of the State of Seattle Bicycling Environment Report
  • High priority area/corridor methodology – background & context