Seattle-area Hikes

The trail down from the summit

This is a collection of hikes relatively near Seattle, on the I-90 corridor.

1. Cougar Mountain Trails
A nice set of easy trails, close to Seattle, in nearby Issaquah. Trails are wide and well-marked, a great place to bring your dog. Click the link for individual hikes and detailed information.

2. Middle Tiger Mountain
A nice route to a forested summit of Tiger Mountain.

Route: There are two main routes, the one described in Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day) and the variation shown on the map below. Not a huge difference, the alternate route has more road vs. trail time, but either way is pleasant.

Both routes start on the West Side Road; to get to the trailhead, take the left (west) fork after pulling into the lower lot along the road. If the gate is locked, park in the lower lot, and walk the 0.25 miles to the upper lot. Pass the lot and continue on the road.

About 1.5 miles in, there is a junction with the Tiger Mountain Trail (see the marker on the map), follow the trail for about 2 miles to Milan's Crossing where it joins the Middle Tiger Trail (see marker on map).

From Middle Tiger Trail
 If you'd rather take the alternate route, there's a full description on the WTA page. In that route, you stay on the road longer and head to Milan's Crossing via the entire Middle Tiger Trail.

The last 0.5 miles is the steepest of the hike. The summit is a small clearing in the forest.

From Middle Tiger Trail

A trail descends beyond, but it's not a trail shown in the guidebook. The entire route is about 8.25 miles (the alternate is about 9 miles).


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 Current Conditions: This trail is generally hikeable all season long, but you can always check the latest reports from the WTA.
Take I-90 to Exit 25, exit and head south on State Route 18 to the summit; there's a sign and a parking lot visible from the road.
 Reference: Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day)  Hike #15 and #17

3. Twin Falls (North Bend)
Another popular hike, this is a good one to bring your dog on as well.


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 Current Conditions: Recent trip reports can be found on the WTA website.
Take I-90 to Exit 34, head south on 468th Ave SE for roughly 1/2 mile. Head left (east) on 159th Street. Trailhead is another 1/2 mile down the road.
 Reference: Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day)  Hike #23
Best Hikes With Dogs in Western Washington: Western Washington
Hike #33

4. Mt Si
 The classic Seattle hike; do not expect solitude here; it's estimated to have 30 to 50 thousand visitors per year.


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 Current Conditions: The upside of all the visitors is frequent trips reports which can be found at the Washington Trails Association website.
Take I-90 to Exit 32 (436th Avenue SE). Exit and head northbound on 436th. Go straight a half mile to North Bend Way. Turn left (west), and in about a quarter mile turn right (north) on Mount Si Road. The parking lot will be on your left (north) in about 2.5 miles
 Reference: Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day)  Hike #25

An underrated road trail just beyond Mt Si; if you want to avoid the crowds, you will find less here, but the views are better.  Click the link for detailed information.

A challenging peak close to Seattle; click the link for detailed information.
Mt Rainier from Mailbox Peak

7. Little Bandera Mountain

A nice hike with excellent views rewarding those scramble up the last steep mile of the trail. The best views are actually from Little Bandera, and that's where most people turn around. The Little Bandera summit is at roughly 5050-5100 feet, the true Bandera Mountain summit, a mile east along the ridge is at 5241 feet.
Route: Start at Ira Spring Trailhead, follow trail approximately 2.8 miles to the junction with the Bandera Mountain trail; look for the sign just above the treeline. Follow the very steep trail up until you gain the ridge, and then follow it to Little Bandera and if you like, the Bandera summit.


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 Current Conditions: Another popular trail, it's always easy to find the latest from the WTA website. Additional information is available under Trail conditions - Interstate 90 Mountains to Sound Greenway on the USFS website.
Take I-90 east to Exit 45. Make a left (north) and cross over the freeway. Follow this road - FR 9030 until junction with FR 9031. Follow this rough road to the Ira Springs Trailhead
 Reference: Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day)  Hike #48

8. Pollalie Ridge - Tired Creek - Pete Lake - Cooper River Trails
Stretching the definition of 'close to Seattle' here, but you can hit the trailhead around 2 hours from Seattle. You won't see a lot of people when back on the trails.


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Take I-90 east to Exit 80. Take Salmon la Sac Road, aka 503; <finish>
 Reference: Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day)  Hikes #77, 78, 79

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