Southeast Seattle Trails

Cedar River Trail
The longest trail in the area, it follows the scenic Cedar River.

Length: 16 miles
Type: rail-to-trail; paved for 11 miles, 6 miles soft-surface. Map shows the transition point.

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At the transition point, in addition to continuing on the Cedar River Trail, you can branch right (south) on the Green or Lake Wilderness Trail.

Green (aka Lake Wilderness) Trail
Another scenic trail, has brief views of Wilderness Lake.

Length: 3.8 miles
Type: soft-surface and wide, quite rocky and bumpy the farther along you get.

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Lake Wilderness Trail

This trail has a single-track extension that looks like it might connect with the Lake Sawyer mountain bike trails. I followed it for another 0.5 miles before turning around at the railroad tracks between 282nd and 284th.


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Soos Creek Trail

A lesser-known trail in the same area, follows power lines along Soos Creek.

There are plans for an extension to connect with the Cedar River Trail, but it is very early in the planning stage. The following map shows the rough plans for the trail:

Length: 5.7 miles
Type: paved trail

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Soos Creek Trail Ridethrough