South Lake Union Trails (Lake Cheshiahud Loop) and Ship Canal Trail

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The Lake Cheshiahud loop is a popular in-town loop around Lake Union, just north of downtown Seattle.

The City of Seattle has an excellent map of the entire loop, complete with attractions, viewpoints, services, and other points of interest to cyclists. 

Ship Canal Bridge

The Ship Canal Bridge splits off to the west at the Fremont Bridge, and parallels the Burke-Gilman on the southern edge of the canal for approximately 2 miles before heading under the Ballard Bridge.  

The trail ends after crossing under the bridge and merging with the sidewalk next to Emerson. The views below are looking east after crossing under the bridge.

You can follow Emerson to Gilman, where you can head west to Discovery Park or Ballard via the locks. Or you can head south where you can connect to Elliot Bay Trail.