I-90 Trail (Mountains to Sound Greenway) - Section 2

<4/27 under construction, rough notes and maps>

Section 2 - West Lake Sammamish to Preston-Snoqualmie Trail - ~15 miles (total from Seattle, 30 miles)

W Lake Sammamish has traffic, but a wide bike lane and the riding is generally smooth. Right before you get to East Lake Sammamish, there will be a soft-surface trail -the East Lake Sammamish Trail - that heads south back towards I-90. Right before going under the freeway, head east on the Issaquah-Preston-Snoqualmie Trail, which parallels I-90 for several miles. 

From end of I-90 Trail, follow W Lake Sammamish - bike lane and wide sidwalks to the East Lake Sammamish Trail, right before East Lake  Sammamish Pkwy. Trail soft-surface and leads under I-90.


Turn off before crossing under (to the south side of I-90) and connect with the Issaquah-Preston trail. Follow all the way beyond High Point (newer section) to the connection with SE High Point Way. Trail is soft-surface and dirt/mud in some places. Mountain bike very helpful here.


Marker indicates the start of Preston-Snoqualmie Trail.


Trail has a crossing of Preston-Fall City Road, portion along road, then climb up narrow trail. Turn off to Whitaker Trail (single track dirt) about 0.5 miles before end of trail