Chief Sealth Trail and Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway

The Chief Sealth Trail is a 4.5 mile (7.25 km) paved path through southeastern Seattle and the Beacon Hill neighborhood. It runs from S. Snoqualmie and 15 Ave S  below Jefferson Park to Kubota Gardens at 51st and S Gazelle Street, with connections to light rail stations along the way.

Northern end of the trail:
Start of Chief Sealth Trail

Southern end of trail:

From the northern end of the trail at 15th Ave, you can ride to beautiful Jefferson Park, and then onto connections with several major bike routes at I-90 using the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway

Jefferson Park:

Jefferson Park

From the north end of the park you can follow the last mile and a half back to I-90 to connect with the Mountains to Sound Greenway and routes into downtown and Capitol Hill. 

In this picture of the intersection with the I-90, the Beacon Hill Greenway is to the right.

I-90 Intersection with Greenway

As of 2014, there is no new work planned for the Chief Sealth Trail or the Greenway.