Queen Ann biking information

Climbing Queen Anne Hill

A. Coming from downtown, heading north, there are two main routes: Taylor on the east side, and Olympic/10th on the west.

Taylor route

10/27/2010 Update: the bike lane up Taylor is now complete as well; this entire route is now marked all the way from Mercer and Taylor to Boston and Queen Anne.

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Olympic/10th Ave route

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B. From the east side, the simplest way is to ride the sidewalk along 99 until you reach a through street like Highland and connect to the Taylor route. However, for the adventurous, there's a quick way, the small trail that connects the Dexter turn-off from 99 to Taylor & Crockett. You probably will have to walk your bike, but it can be ridden. Here's what the entrance on the top of the hill looks like:

A picture looking down the trail:

And one looking up:

And the location and route:

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