Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is a biking mecca that everyone can enjoy; there are hundreds of miles of paved trails, double track, single track, and everything in-between. The mountain itself boasts some of the finest downhill in North America. And it's quite easy to get accurate information about places to ride, as I discovered during my trip.

For general information, check out the Whistler.com overview. They also provide information on mountain biking (and the amazing Whistler Mountain Bike Park on the slopes of the mountain), road biking, and recreational riding in the area.

Paved trails:
The heart of the trail system is Valley Trail, more than 20 miles of mixed use trail that connects all the major areas: Whistler Village, Lost Lake and Green Lake to north and east, Alta, Nita, and Alpha Lakes, plus points west.

Below are various routes I covered during my visit, the first one covers the western portions:

View Bike, Whistler, BC: Valley Trail in a larger map

The next one, the Lost Lake area; the blue thumbtack shows the end of the pavement, but then it turns to a comfortable, soft-surface trail:

View Bike, Whistler, BC: Lost Lake Loop - Green in a larger map
References: This map is the best summary of the Valley Trail System I've found so far. This one shows all of the major trails in the Whistler area. For printed maps, the Green Trails Map 92JIS has everything you need. For additional information about the trail system, visit this page.
Mountain Bike Trails:
 This category includes the soft surface trails, from the widest greens - they use the same color coding as skiing - to the roughest single track. The trails span the Whistler area, but there's a nice concentration of trails, mostly blue single-track, some double, in the Lost Lake area.  Below are a couple rides I did there, one to Green Lake to the north, the other, just a loop around the lake.

Here's the ride to Green Lake:

View Bike: Lost Lake To Green Lake Overlook, Whistler, BC in a larger map

And the lake loop:

View Bike: Lost Lake Single Track, Whistler, BC in a larger map

I didn't ride many of the black runs, but they are the longest and the most numerous. Head any direction from the Village, and you'll hit one. 
The Green Trails Map 92JIS  and this one helped a lot.
Whistler Downhill Park: My visit was not long enough to allow a visit to the Mountain Bike Park, but it looked amazing.
Road cycling options:
This page has a lot of good route info on road rides in the area.